Student Experiences from the Upanishad Forest

All aspects of this course integrated together beautifully. I enjoyed the deep rest of rounding, the powerful technology of reading Sanskrit in a group, and gaining knowledge in class. I also enjoyed the company of the students and their bliss. I enjoyed the physiological effect of reading Sanskrit together in class. From the first day I could feel the aligning of my brain physiology with the Sanskrit sounds. Today I noticed my pulse is noticeably more balanced since the beginning of the course—an ideal outcome for a forest academy. —Susan

I had not had a Sanskrit class since completing my TM–Sidhis program, and I am being completely understated when I say that the experience of reading and listening to Upanishads, combined with my TM–Sidhis, has been revealing, enlivening and enriching. Immediately upon returning to reading and listening to Sanskrit, my universe got bigger. —Michelle

My most important insight so far in reading the stories of the Upanishads is the emphasis of the Self being the foundation and driver of all creation. As I continue to read the Upanishads, the spur of inspiration towards intellectual knowledge and experience begins to rise higher and higher within me. On a subtle level, I was reflecting over the course and was reminded again of the highest nature and goal of life, which is to attain Brahman Consciousness. —Vinodthan

An inspiring and restful beginning to the school year, this course has set me in a perfect direction to experience blissful evolution all school year long. I am grateful for this knowledge that is sacred, practical, and fascinating. I feel like I am growing up and becoming more innocent simultaneously each day. Every day is a blissful learning experience. May all my Maharishi Vedic Science courses be this enlivening, and may we all enjoy the company of each other as we evolve together to higher states of consciousness as the one true light that we are water slides for sale! —David

The Upanishads are truly an excellent source of wisdom from the Vedic Tradition. I will continue to read the Upanishads in both English and Sanskrit for pure knowledge and deep experience. Everything we read and discussed in the class was beautiful. Every line of each Upanishad was impressive. From the illusion and ignorance to the state of enlightenment and ascension to the heavens, it is all tremendous wisdom. —Will

Through reading the Upanishads there were many things that appealed and resonated deeply within me. When we were reading Katha Upanishad and it touch on “All good should be heard through the ears, all good should be seen trough the eyes,” I was instantly taken back to when I was 13 years old and watched the movie ‘The Ring’ and how the images and sounds from that movie stayed with me for months. I thought at that age I would have been able to handle it, but I was horribly wrong. Looking back, it is amazing how a movie can leave an individual quite traumatized at such a young age and how important it is to surround oneself with things that are delightful. —Anila

When I was rounding, I had very good experiences. My heart opened and my consciousness was able to perceive the finer dimensions of existence. I was able to perceive the universal love of the creation and this feeling carried out into activity through many days after the rounds. I saw many colors such as blue and yellow, they were in the form of dots and lasted for a couple minutes each time. I felt a lot of bliss and clarity of mind. My mind felt saturated and full with pure consciousness and my heart was filled with the blessing of Mother Divine (Mahalakshmi). When I was flying, it was extremely spontaneous and I felt the jolts of electric current rising from the bottom of my spine to the top of my head and spreading throughout my body leaving me blissed out. I felt like I was floating in mid-air and my throat area was very expanded. I felt this unbounded feeling of freedom and there was no thought and my body was moving on its own without absolutely any control from my side. When I rested I felt like I was melting in the foam and was one with the creation. These experiences were happening almost everyday and I am very grateful for this opportunity. —Arun

This two-week rounding course has helped me return to a mode of being that I first experienced during and directly after my CIC course last winter. I remember feeling like I had reached a new plateau of coherence in my consciousness; I felt better than I had ever felt before in this lifetime. Now, again I feel crystal clear—full of radiance and utter joy—I feel that every day is better than the last. Despite a few episodes of purification, the rounding has brought a great softness to my mundane daily experience, and a firm sense of evenness at my finest emotional levels. Undoubtedly, reading the Upanishad texts in Sanskrit has added to this effect. I find the reading to be very enjoyable both in the group and on my own. Directly after reading, I always experience deep, lively silence when I close my eyes—recitation has truly become one of my favorite pastimes. —Brian

When I was rounding, I found that I was able to experience sat-chit-ananda much more clearly than before. For example, in my programs I would be swept off by waves of bliss and find myself spontaneously yogic flying without intention. My sleep was very good and restful and I naturally was able to wake up before 6 and go to sleep before 10. My TM was very clear and I was able to go into the transcendent state within minutes of starting. My yogic flying was completely spontaneous and I could not even begin to describe that experience, for it was greatly incomprehensible and extremely overwhelming. I felt the dawn of Pure Consciousness along with the waking state and was surprised to behold the witness a few times during activity. For example, when I was walking to class I would intuitively know and feel that I am the unbounded eternal Being even though I was still me at the same time. The strength of the witness was not that strong but I know through repeated practice it will get stronger in time. I also felt a lot of love coming from my heart, as if I was the mother of the universe and all people were my children. I felt much compassion to those in trouble or those who were suffering in their life. The experiences I had in and out of the rounds were absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to do this again. —Sudikshya

As I think about the Upanishads, I think that these tales of wisdom, these pearls of truth will someday line the shelves of bookstores everywhere and again be popular stories handed down from father to son along the riverbanks and lakesides. Upanishad literally means “to sit down near.” Near to what? Near to that aspect of the Veda that gives us access to all that is and all that ever will be, access to pure consciousness through all the technologies that Maharishi has blessed the world with. This is a tradition that has been resurrected by Maharishi where knowledge, such as this class in the Upanishads, is being handed down from teacher to student in the most precise way. As more possibilities gather in my life, my attention is kept on the things worthwhile. The more I appreciate the rose the less I am bothered by the thorns. —Thomas

Something that I noticed during this course is that I never learned any Sanskrit, or tried to speak it or anything. But at the second day of class, it started to feel very easy and natural, and it almost felt like I already knew this language. I didn’t feel any difficulty in following the class or in pronouncing the sounds. It is like Maharishi says that you already know everything, that we already have all the pure knowledge, but we are just relearning it. In this class, I really understood what Maharishi was saying. It felt so easy, and kind of like out of my control. It was like if my mouth was singing but my brain wasn’t thinking about it. —Florence

I found myself in the Upanishad class finally at the door to some intellectual understanding of why and how I have been enjoying these various recitations over the past two years. I feel that even though I have only taken a few small steps towards this unbounded knowledge, I still have taken them. A small amount of light can clear a lot of darkness. The endless beauty of reading the Upanishads in Sanskrit, combined with the intellectual understanding of their deep and profound meaning came together as a whole. There is a sweetness in the simple stories relaying life’s ultimate knowledge. —Tanell

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